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Recruiting JMP Supporters

Company, shop, caricature, etc.

Appearing in Manga!?

We are looking for supporters for the Manga Japanese Language Textbook (JMP).

From 3,000 yen ($30) per share, we will cover the manuscript fee and operating expenses for the author.

As a supporter benefit, we will include companies, shops, products and portraits in the manga. All the writers are beginners, but I would appreciate it if you could support their future and continue JMP.


3000 yen per share(tax included) *Up to 5 units per month


・In one page, you can put up to two pictures of companies, shops, products, portraits, etc., and create a language textbook that matches the pictures with JMP.

・Because it can be an advertisement depending on the idea, the content of the text is also consulted.

・Who do you want to draw?herePlease select the artist from the work number of.


The artist is a beginner artist living in Hawaii. The quality of the work is undeniable. Also, please note that the work will be published online as a language text and distributed free of charge.

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