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ALOHAmangais a company that produces manga and provides education and seminars on manga. Manga is nowentertainmentbut alsomarketing toolsIt is also showing its head. Also, overseas, especially in the United States, it is a coined word that combines the initials of the five words Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.STEAMeducationManga is attracting attention as part of We are working to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Manga gomame method

"Gomame"What is"5th frame"It is an abbreviated word that is easy to say.

you usually see4-panel manga. It is finished in 4 frames by interweaving kishotenketsu.

here alreadyadd one frame, to make the fifth panel"Gomame method"is.

We are in the 5th frameOriginalityand will be needed in the futuredevelop ideas and skillsWe believe.

In the early stagesThoughts in the 5th panelWe aim to educate

education with manga


Kazuo Maekawa

Manga artist affiliated with ALOHA Manga. A veteran manga artist with over 20 years of experience. Based on his experience guiding many assistants to their debut as manga artists, he would like to support young people who want to become manga artists in the future. I also want to nurture creativity by teaching children about manga, which is a familiar art, and create entrepreneurs who can influence the world from Japan.


Tomoko Maekawa

Representative of ALOHA manga. Formerly working for an online game company. During his time in the online game production industry, he was involved in a variety of jobs, including writing press releases for the media, taking the stage at game shows, and collaborating with companies. We have a track record of scouting many illustrators and hiring them as certified illustrators.

● Company   LLC ALOHA Manga
● Representative   Kazuo Maekawa
● Address   3-3-9 Nukui, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

● Year of establishment   2020
●Capital   501,000 yen
● Business Description   Manga-related lessons, products, and work services
● Number of employees   2
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