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Japanese Manga Project

[Manga Japanese text plan]

This is a project to create an online Japanese language textbook for Japanese language learners.


 There are many opinions that conventional textbooks for beginners are still difficult, so if children who want to study Japanese can understand from their own perspective,I started thinking about creating a manga for the difficulty level text.


The reason for making it into a manga is to "leave it in memory" with short lines, illustrations, and stories.I think that it is easier to remember than texts that are only letters, and that it can be learned as a more familiar teaching material because it is a children's work.

"There are many books in Japan that are expressed in manga."Of course, there are also Japanese language manga. However, grammar is the main focus, and expressions are still difficult for beginners.


"How do children actually learn their native language?"Parents do not teach their mother tongue from grammar since they were babies.It's important to repeat the same phrases, casual and simple conversations with friendsIt is to increase the words little by little and make the conversation longer.Then, after you can speak the language to some extent, you will learn grammar.

Grammar is used in this project as well.However, we omit difficult explanations and focus on making them read in manga anyway.After reading and understanding the meaning, we will study the grammar.It is important to have fun and be interested in learning.

As for how to use it, you can download it (free) and use it as it is.Also, you can delete the dialogue in the balloon and use it, or continue the mangaIt looks like it would be fun to finish.It can be used for various purposes, so I hope it will be useful for learning Japanese.


---Currently, this language textbook is in the draft stage, not the completed form. This project is supported by many volunteers in Hawaii and Japanese language teachers in Hawaii. However, Hawaii is not as usual due to the influence of the world's corona misfortune. It is becoming difficult to cooperate with this project in the situation where volunteers and instructors are living inconvenient lives.

"If you are interested in this project, please support us."



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