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September 19th (Sat) 11:00-12:00 (1st time)   13:00~14:00 (Second time)

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4-panel manga

Free online trial session

~Travel Memories~


Why not turn your fun travel memories into a 4-panel manga?Easy-to-understand even for beginners, a professional manga artist will teach you how to draw a 4-panel mangaWe will guide you for free.Please join us!

Experience content

・Character expressions and facial expressions

・Easy way to draw illustrations (plants, food, etc.)

・Fundamentals of 4-panel manga


date and time

September 19th (Sat) 11:00-12:00 (1st time)

       13:00-14:00 (second time)


Entry fee




・Elementary school 4th grade to adult

(In the case of elementary school students, parents must also be present.)


Things necessary

・Paper or notebook


・Things that can be written on, such as pencils

・ Memories episode of the trip


・Since it will be an online lesson, an environment that can be connected to ZOOM

(Wi-Fi environment where the Internet such as smartphones and PCs can be connected)


After receiving the application email, we will send you the URL of the course ZOOM on the day.

at a trial session

Come on, Yassie♪

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You can also register here.

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