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The Jake Shimabukuro Story

Ms.Nami Grafia :Sacred Hearts Academy Teacher

The Aloha project was aimed to offer students a chance to learn and develop not only in Japanese language and culture but also in various other domains of 21st-century skills. Engaging in manga production presented students with a unique avenue not only to foster creativity and expressiveness, but also to comprehend the intricacies of expression, and hone their abilities to empathize and define their roles. Their educational journey was enriched by firsthand experiences of connectivity, both within the school environment and with the broader local and global communities. Students practiced their collaboration and communicative skills, while practical involvement provided invaluable insights into potential future career paths and social engagement. The interview with Jake Shimabukuro gave hope and encouraged students to pursue their aspirations. Throughout the project, students expressed various thoughts, such as "Maybe, it is ok for me to pursue a career as an illustrator," "I prefer drawing to story writing," "Leading a team is quite challenging," and "Writing for comics is different from traditional storytelling." This project, I believe, offered students a platform for self-discovery and educational growth, prompting reflection on the significance of progressing into the future.
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